This is the story of two conflicted families, the Ramírez and the Valdéz. Justo Ramírez, the most powerful and perverse man in the town, is married to Margarita Insunza; Both are owners of the estate "Piedras grandes" and have a son, Alejandro. The family Valdéz Rivero is formed by Rigoberto Valdez and his wife, Francisca Rivero, and their daughter, Alfonsina; With them also lives Gertrudis, the sister of Francisca.\ \ The confrontation of these two families has its origin in two reasons: the first is that Justo has always wanted to appropriate the spring, an outbreak of water belonging to the Valdéz family, but despite all his efforts, Justo has never managed to get Rigoberto to sell it. The second reason is that Justo and Francisca have been lovers for years.

El Manantial - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-10-01

El Manantial - Entre el amor y el odio - Netflix

Entre el Amor y el Odio (English: Between Love and Hatred) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Salvador Mejía Alejandre for Televisa in 2002. Based on radionovela Cadena de odio by Hilda Morales de Allouis. On Monday, February 11, 2002, Canal de las Estrellas started broadcasting Entre el Amor y el Odio weekdays at 9:00pm, replacing El manantial. The last episode was broadcast on Friday, August 2, 2002 with Las vías del amor replacing it the following day. Susana González and César Évora starred as protagonists, while Sabine Moussier and Alberto Estrella starred as antagonists.

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Entre el Amor y el Odio was the subject of a brief parody on the Mexican television program XHDRbZ which was called Entre el amor y Elodio. Susana González, Eugenio Derbez, and Sammy appeared in the sketch as Elodio. In television series Los Simuladores, pictures of telenovela are shown.

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