Bird's-eye view of the natural world, joining the journeys of snow geese, cranes, albatrosses, eagles and other birds across six continents.

Earthflight - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-12-29

Earthflight - Planet Dinosaur - Netflix

Planet Dinosaur, is a six-part documentary television series created by Nigel Paterson and Phil Dobree, produced by the BBC, and narrated by John Hurt, first aired in the United Kingdom in 2011, produced by VFX studio Jellyfish Pictures. It is the first major dinosaur-related series for BBC One since Walking with Dinosaurs. There are more than 50 different prehistoric species featured, and they and their environments were created entirely as computer-generated images, for around a third of the production cost that was needed a decade earlier for Walking with Dinosaurs. Much of the plot is based on scientific discoveries made since Walking with Dinosaurs. The companion book to Planet Dinosaur was released on 8 September 2011 and the DVD and Blu-ray on 24 October 2011.

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The Animal World (1956, narrated by Theodore von Eltz, directed by Irwin Allen) Dinosaurs: The Terrible Lizards (1970, directed by Wah Ming Chang who reedited a new version of this same film in 1986) Horizon: The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs (1976, season 13 / episode 2, narrated by Paul Vaughan, written and produced by Robin Brightwell & Robin Bates) Dinosaurs: Fun, Fact and Fantasy (1982, with Derek Griffiths as the voice of Dil the Crocodile, directed by Clive Doig) Dinosaur! (1985, hosted by Christopher Reeve, directed by Robert Guenette) Dinosaurs! – A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time! (1987, narrated by Josette DiCarlo, hosted by Fred Savage, directed by Ray Cioni & Kelli Bixler; claymation footage from the 1980 short film Dinosaur directed by Will Vinton) The Infinite Voyage: The Great Dinosaur Hunt (1989, season 2 / episode 2, narrated by Fritz Weaver, directed by Lionel Friedberg) The Great Dinosaur Hunt (1991, narrated by Kenneth Welsh, directed by Tom Radford & Andy Thomson; in spite of sharing a similar title, this documentary is completely different than the Infinite Voyage programme: that one was released in 1991 within the GoodTimes Home Video collection of VHS tapes, edited by Radford and Thomson with the same reels obtained during the filming of The Hunt for China's Dinosaurs) The Hunt for China's Dinosaurs (1991, narrated by Peter Thomas, directed by Tom Radford & Andy Thomson; this documentary was first aired as a NOVA programme on 5 February 1991 and was edited by Radford and Thomson with the same reels obtained during the filming of The Great Dinosaur Hunt) Dinosaur! (1991, four-part miniseries, hosted by Walter Cronkite, directed by Jim Black & Christopher Rowley; in spite of sharing the same title, this four-part miniseries has nothing to do with the TV documentary film that was hosted by Christopher Reeve in 1985) The Dinosaurs! (1992, four-part miniseries, narrated by Barbara Feldon, directed by Trudi Brown & Kathi White) Dinosaurs: Messages in Stone (1993, hosted by Leslie Nielsen, directed by John Robichaud; this documentary was re-released in 1998 under the title Dinosaur Park) Eyewitness: Dinosaur (1994, narrated by Andrew Sachs, produced by Ben Southwell) Paleoworld (1994-1997, 4 seasons / 50 episodes, narrated by Ben Gazzara, directed by Greg Francis) Dinosaurs: Myths & Reality (1995, hosted by Fred Applegate, directed by Graham Holloway) The Ultimate Guide: Tyrannosaurus rex (1996, narrated by Will Lyman, directed by Jane Armstrong) Beyond T-Rex (1997, narrated by Michael McNally, directed by Charles C. Stuart) T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (1998, directed by Brett Leonard) When Dinosaurs Ruled (1999, six-part miniseries, narrated by Jeff Goldblum, directed by Tony Mitchell) Walking with Dinosaurs (1999, six-part miniseries, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, directed by Tim Haines & Jasper James) Walking with Beasts (2001, six-part miniseries, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, directed by Jasper James & Nigel Paterson) When Dinosaurs Roamed America (2001, narrated by John Goodman, directed by Pierre de Lespinois) Valley of the T. rex (2001, narrated by Stephen Kemble, directed by Reuben Aaronson & James McQuillan) The Ballad of Big Al (2001, narrated by Kenneth Branagh, produced by Tim Haines & Jasper James) Chased by Dinosaurs (2002, hosted by Nigel Marven, directed by Tim Haines & Jasper James) Horizon: The Mystery of the Jurassic (2002, narrated by Jack Fortune, written and directed by Jonathan Renouf) Walking with Cavemen (2003, four-part miniseries, hosted and narrated by Robert Winston, directed by Richard Dale & Pierre de Lespinois) Sea Monsters (2003, three-part miniseries, hosted by Nigel Marven, directed by Jasper James) Dinosaur Planet (2003, four-part miniseries, narrated by Christian Slater, hosted by Scott D. Sampson, directed by Pierre de Lespinois) Before We Ruled the Earth (2003, two-part miniseries, narrated by Linda Hunt & John Slattery, directed by Pierre de Lespinois) Walking with Monsters (2005, three-part miniseries, Kenneth Branagh, directed by Chloe Leland & Tim Haines) Prehistoric Park (2006, six-part miniseries, narrated by David Jason, hosted by Nigel Marven, directed by Sid Bennett, Karen Kelly & Matthew Thompson) Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia (2007, narrated by Donald Sutherland, directed by Marc Fafard) Dinosaurs Alive! (2007, narrated by Michael Douglas, directed by David Clark & Bayley Silleck) Jurassic Fight Club (2008, 12-part miniseries, narrated by Erik Thompson, directed by Kreg Lauterbach) Clash of the Dinosaurs (2009, four-part miniseries, narrated by Jason Hildebrandt, directed by Nick Green) Bizarre Dinosaurs (2009, narrated by Peter Cullen, directed by Jenny Kubo) Dinosaurs Decoded (2009, narrated by Michael Carroll, written, produced and directed by Dan Levitt) Prehistoric Assassins (2010, two-part miniseries -“Claws and Jaws” & “Blood in the Water”-, narrated by Phil Crowley, written and produced by Sean Dash) Prehistoric (2010, four-part miniseries, written and produced by Sven Berkemeier) Last Day of the Dinosaurs (2010, narrated by Bill Mondy, directed by Richard Dale, this documentary reuses footage from Clash of the Dinosaurs) Land of Dinosaurs (2010, directed by Lee Dong-hui) Tyrannosaurus Sex (2010, narrated by Michael Carroll, directed by Gabriel Gornell) Dinosaurs, Myths and Monsters (2011, written and hosted by Tom Holland, directed by Jamie Muir) Extinct: A Horizon Guide to Dinosaurs (2011, hosted by Dallas Campbell, directed by Penny Palmer, this documentary reuses Horizon footage) Dinosaur Revolution (2011, narrated by Rick Robles, directed by David Krentz & Erik Nelson) Dinotasia (2012, narrated by Werner Herzog, directed by David Krentz, Erik Nelson and David E. Duncan, Dinotasia utilises used and unused footage from Dinosaur Revolution) Adventures of Ceratops (2014, two-part miniseries, directed by Hong Sang-woon, Kim Hwan-gyun & Lee Dong-hui) Dinosaur Britain (2015, two-part miniseries, hosted by Ellie Harrison, directed by Gareth Johnson)

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