An office manager for a giant computer software company teaches her reclusive boss and his nerdy employees how to communicate better.

Dweebs - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1995-09-22

Dweebs - Nerds (candy) - Netflix

Nerds are an American candy sold by Nestlé. Their unusual shape and thin candy-coating is comparable to rock candy. With their anthropomorphic covers, Nerds usually contain two flavors per box, and each flavor has a separate compartment and opening. Larger packages may contain various colors—sometimes referred to as “Rainbow Nerds.” Smaller packages may contain either one flavor only, or one flavor with pieces of another.

Dweebs - Early competition - Netflix

Nerds were a popular candy in the 1980s, but they had big competitors including Pop Rocks, Candy Buttons, and Mike and Ike’s. Nerds also had a close cousin in the '80s—Dweebs. Dweebs were very similar to Nerds; but they were less sour and bigger in size. One of the most popular differences is that Dweebs contained three flavors instead of two, though the United Kingdom had a box of nerds with three flavors for a limited time. According to Rob Bricken, “A squishier Nerd with more leg space and a surprise in the middle, Dweebs were more substantial, less sour, and displayed a greater depth and complexity than Nerds.” Dweebs only lasted a short time on the market, however.

Dweebs - References - Netflix