Seven celebrity artists choose a non-celebrity partner from a selection of people who submit performances to perform a duet of their choice. Each pair is given exactly 4 minutes to perform and earn votes from the 500 live voters in the audience and the celebrity panel. The order is selected by the current first place duo, and with the exception of the pilot episodes, the winner of the previous episode chooses the first performance. The voting results are shown directly on the screen behind the performers, and at the end of all the performances, the duo with the highest vote count is the winner for the episode. The winners are invited back to the show for the next episode, and another duo is chosen for "The Duet You Want To See Again" by the audience to be revived for the next episode as well.

Duet Song Festival - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: Korean

Status: Running

Runtime: 85 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-08

Duet Song Festival - Han Dong-geun - Netflix

Han Dong-geun (born May 9, 1993) is a South Korean singer. He is the winner of MBC's Star Audition Season 3. On September 30, 2014 he officially debuted with the digital single “Making a new ending for this story”. He released the music video to his second single “Unread” on December 9, 2014. On April 15, 2015 After School’s Jung Ah and Han Dong Geun released their duet for Pledis Project “Parting”, titled “Between Us“. In early April 2016, he appeared on music show King of Mask Singer with the nickname “Vote on April 13th”. On August 23, 2016 he released music video for “Amazing You”. In 2016 he achieved resurgence in popularity through his participation on Duet Song Festival.

Duet Song Festival - Filmography - Netflix

Duet Song Festival - References - Netflix