Don't Be Swayed is about the love and lives of the children of a couple that remarried. Soo Hyun lies about her family's background in order to get approval from the mother of the man who she hopes to marry. This in turn causes tensions in Soo Hyun's family because of the lies that she told. Min Jung is Soo Hyun's stepsister by marriage. When Min Jung suddenly meets Kang Pil, she feels attracted to him but is devastated when Kang Pil is revealed to be her stepsister's fiancee.

Don't Be Swayed - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 20 minutes

Premier: 2008-04-14

Don't Be Swayed - Don't Marry Her - Netflix

“Don't Marry Her” is a song by The Beautiful South and the opening track on their album Blue is the Colour. Vocalist Jacqui Abbott begs a man to run away with her from the woman he is going to marry, and attempts to sway him by describing what she thinks married life with the other woman will be like, painting a very uninviting picture.

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UK CD single (CD1) “Don't Marry Her” – 3:23 “God Bless the Child” – 4:54 “Without Her” – 3:04 UK CD single (CD2) “Don't Marry Her” – 3:24 “Dream a Little Dream” – 3:40 “Les yeux ouverts” – 3:34

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