Digging for the Truth explores some of the world's greatest archaeological mysteries, from the Pyramids of Egypt to the Lost Ark of the Covenant, from the Holy Grail to King Solomon's Gold. Hosted by adventurer and survival expert Josh Bernstein. Shot in High Definition for The History Channel.

Digging for the Truth - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-24

Digging for the Truth - Percy Fawcett - Netflix

Lieutenant Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett (18 August 1867 – during or after 1925) was a British geographer, artillery officer, cartographer, archaeologist and explorer of South America. Fawcett disappeared in 1925 (along with his eldest son, Jack, and one of Jack's friends, Raleigh Rimmell) during an expedition to find “Z”—his name for an ancient lost city which he and others believed to exist in the jungles of Brazil.

Digging for the Truth - Grann's Lost City of Z - Netflix

In 2005, The New Yorker staff writer David Grann visited the Kalapalo tribe and reported that it had apparently preserved an oral history about Fawcett, among the first Europeans the tribe had ever seen. The oral account said that Fawcett and his party had stayed at their village and then left, heading eastward. The Kalapalos warned Fawcett and his companions that if they went that way they would be killed by the “fierce Indians” who occupied that territory, but Fawcett insisted on going. The Kalapalos observed smoke from the expedition’s campfire each evening for five days before it disappeared. The Kalapalos said they were sure the fierce Indians had killed them. The article also reports that a monumental civilisation known as Kuhikugu may have actually existed near where Fawcett was searching, as discovered recently by archaeologist Michael Heckenberger and others. Grann's findings are further detailed in his book The Lost City of Z (2009).

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