De vijfhoek - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2012-09-04

De vijfhoek - Landhuis - Netflix

A landhuis (plural landhuizen) is a Dutch colonial country house, often the administrative heart of a particuliere land or private domain in the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. Many of these country houses were built by the Dutch in other colonial settlements, such as Galle, Cape Town, and Curaçao, but none as extensively or elaborately as in the Residency of Batavia (an area that includes parts of modern-day Jakarta, West Java and Banten provinces). Much of Batavia's reputation as “Queen of the East” rested on the grandeur of these 18th-century mansions. Architecturally, in the beginning, they were conceived as replicas of the Dutch architecture. Later, the design includes features from Javanese vernacular architecture, partly in response to the tropical climate. This distinctive type of architecture, a fusion of Western and Javanese architecture, became known later as the Indies Style from the Dutch East Indies. The Indies Style is the first form of a fusion of Dutch and local architecture which gave rise to the subsequent style of early Dutch Rationalist architecture in Indonesia. Despite the heritage of this structure and its protected status, many of the Indies country houses were left to deteriorate or completely demolished, often due to lack of maintenance management. Many of these houses were within the complex owned by the National Police, often transformed into a dormitory albeit with improper conservation method.

De vijfhoek - The Indies Style - Netflix

The Indies Style appeared very pronounced in the country houses of the Dutch Indies. This new architectural style appeared in late 18th-century and gradually become more developed as it tries to conform with the tropical climate of Java and Sumatra. The style can be divided into three major prototypes: Dutch Style country houses, Transitional Dutch Indies country houses, and Indies style country houses. Many of these Batavian country houses are completely demolished but at least one prototype of the three major style survives as of 2015.

De vijfhoek - References - Netflix