Dutch dramaserie about a fictional village in the Dutch province Brabant, where they build a new bridge over the river on the night before World War II by contractor Brenner. The Germans are planning to use this new bridge with their invasion of the Netherlands, which the opposition under command by the village priest is trying to avoid. The doctor and his wife, which just arrived in the village, are getting involved.

De Brug - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1990-09-02

De Brug - De Brug van Willebroek - Netflix

De Brug van Willebroek (The Bridge of Willebroek) is a 1990 song by Wannes Van de Velde about the bridge near the Brussels–Scheldt Maritime Canal in the Flemish village Willebroek. The song has also been covered by the Antwerp band Katastroof.

De Brug - Lyrics - Netflix

The lyrics describe a man who has two appointments, one at the royal palace, another with Jane Fonda and yet another with the Flemish government who offer him a position in the Ministry of Culture. Yet he fails to get at each of these appointments, because he has to cross the canal and the bridge happens to be closed every time he reaches it. It frustrates him so much that he calls it a “monster van ijzer and staal” (“a monster of iron and steel”). The final lyrics have him reflect that if God ever tells him it's time to die he'll try to go the bridge of Willebroek, so he'll have an excuse why he was late.

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