This series and our heroine took place in the Chosun Dynasty.Chae Ok was separated from her brother when her father, a nobleman, was accused of treason. She managed to make her way and becomes a Damo, a low ranked woman detective. Skilled in swordplay, she must not only fight crime, but to face inequality for her status in society. Her brother grew up to be a rebel leader fighting against society injustice and both brother and sister faced off against each other on opposite side of the law.

Damo - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 2003-07-28

Damo - Damo Suzuki - Netflix

Kenji Suzuki (鈴木健二, Suzuki Kenji, born 16 January 1950), better known as Damo Suzuki (ダモ鈴木), is a Japanese musician who has been living in Germany since the early 1970s and is best known as the former lead singer of the German krautrock group Can.

Damo - Discography - Netflix

Damo Suzuki performs on the following albums: Can Soundtracks 1970 Can Tago Mago 1971 Can Ege Bamyasi 1972 Can Future Days 1973 Can Unlimited Edition 1976 (compilation) Dunkelziffer In The Night 1984 Dunkelziffer III 1986 Can The Peel Sessions 1995 Dunkelziffer Live 1985 1997 Damo Suzuki's Network Tokyo on Air West 30.04.97 1997 Damo Suzuki's Network Tokyo on Air West 02.05.97 1997 Damo Suzuki's Network Osaka Muse Hall 04.05.97 1997 Damo Suzuki Band V.E.R.N.I.S.S.A.G.E. 1998 Damo Suzuki Band P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (7CD Box) 1998 Damo Suzuki's Network Seattle 1999 Damo Suzuki's Network Odyssey 2000 Damo Suzuki's Network JPN ULTD Vol.1 2000 Damo Suzuki's Network Metaphysical Transfer 2001 Damo Suzuki's Network JPN ULTD Vol.2 2002 Cul De Sac / Damo Suzuki Abhayamudra 2004 Sixtoo – Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures 2004 Damo Suzuki's Network Hollyaris 2005 (2CD) Damo Suzuki's Network 3 Dead People After The Performance 2005 Damo Suzuki and Now The London Evening News 2006 (CD) Damo Suzuki's network Tutti i colori del silenzio 2006 (CD) Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Damo Suzuki Please Heat This Eventually 2007 Safety Magic Voices 2007 Audioscope Music for a Good Home 2010 (CD) Damo Suzuki & The Holy Soul Dead Man Has No 2nd Chance 2010 (CD) Damo Suzuki & Cuzo Puedo Ver Tu Mente 2011(CD/LP) Damo Suzuki & Congelador 2011 Damo Suzuki & God Don't Like It Ensemble Live At Cafe Oto 2011 Radio Massacre International “Lost in Transit 4: DAMO” 2010 (CD) Can The Lost Tapes 2012 (compilation) Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki Simon Torssell Lerin / Bettina Hvidevold Hystad with Damo Suzuki 2013 (Vinyl Box Set Including Book And LP) Seven Potatoes: Damo Suzuki Live in Nanaimo (2XLP) 2013 Damo Suzuki & Mugstar Start From Zero 2015 (LP) 1-A Düsseldorf Uraan 2016 (2×CD, Album)

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