Presented by former Metropolitan Police detective Rav Wilding, the show appeals directly to the public for help with unsolved cases from all over the UK. He's joined by Michelle Ackerley, who will be hitting the road, finding out how police forces up and down the country are tackling the everyday sorts of crime that affects us all.

Live every weekday morning, the series features reconstructions, CCTV and Wanted Faces alongside fascinating insights into the latest crime fighting technology and advice on how viewers can avoid becoming a victim themselves.

Crimewatch Roadshow - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2009-06-01

Crimewatch Roadshow - Back slang - Netflix

Back slang is an English coded language in which the written word is spoken phonemically backwards.

Crimewatch Roadshow - Usage - Netflix

Back slang is thought to have originated in Victorian England, being used mainly by market sellers, such as butchers and greengrocers, to have private conversations behind their customers' backs and pass off lower quality goods to less observant customers. The first published reference to it was in 1851, in Henry Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor. Some back slang has entered standard English. For example, the term yob was originally back slang for “boy”. Back slang is not only restricted to words spoken phonemically backwards. English frequently makes use of diphthongs, which is an issue for back slang since diphthongs cannot be reversed. The resulting fix slightly alters the traditional back slang. An example is trousers and its diphthong ou, which is replaced with wo in the back slang version reswort. Back slang is said to be used in prisons by inmates to make it harder for prison wardens to listen into prisoners' conversations and find out what they were talking about. This use of back slang was highlighted in the 9 June 2010 episode of Crimewatch Roadshow. Back slang has been reported to have been adopted for the sake of privacy on foreign tennis courts by the young English players Laura Robson and Heather Watson.

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