Creeped Out is an anthology series of spellbinding, eerie and intriguing tales. Linking them together is The Curious, a mysterious, ancient figure who collects creepy stories like souvenirs.

Creeped Out - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2017-10-31

Creeped Out - Creeped Out - Netflix

Creeped Out is a British-Canadian anthology television series which began on CBBC on 31 October 2017 (Halloween) in the United Kingdom and in Canada on the Family Channel. The show is created by Bede Blake and Robert Butler and is a co-production between CBBC Productions and DHX Media. Each episode has an individual story, and are linked together by 'The Curious', a mysterious story collector who appears at the beginning and end of each episode. According to the creators Bede Blake and Robert Butler, a big inspiration was Steven Spielberg and Amazing Stories in particular. Creator of the science-fiction series Continuum and Ghost Wars, Simon Barry, serves as executive creative consultant.

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Creeped Out is an anthology, so each episode features a new setting, story and characters, although some details connect the stories together. Each episode begins and ends with an appearance from The Curious (played by William Romain), a mysterious story collector whose face is always concealed by a mask. The setting of Karter Bay appears in both Slapstick and The Call, and Zucco's Pizzeria is mentioned in Trolled, Marti and Kindlesticks. Talking about The Curious, co-creator Bede Blake said: "It’s designed to be an evolving urban legend. You don’t know what’s under that mask... Story-wise, he’s not a threat to the children. He has his name because he is naturally curious. He’s not somebody out to do harm. He’s an observer.”

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