Cracked is a unique blend of a police and medical drama inspired by the real-life experiences of police officers and mental-health professionals. The hour-long series is a bold depiction of the psychological side of policing and the emotional impact on front-line workers. It's a fascinating yet affectionate exploration of all dimensions of human behavior.

The series reflects the reality that an overwhelming percentage of police calls involve people with mental illnesses or psychiatric disorders - people who cross all ages, incomes and ethnicities. The Psych Crimes Unit struggles to achieve balance between protecting the public from harm and protecting the dignity of all citizens ¬often at the expense of their own mental health.

Cracked - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-01-08

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Cracked nipple (or nipple trauma) is a condition that can occur in breastfeeding women as a result of a number of possible causes. Developing a cracked nipple can result in soreness, dryness or irritation to, or bleeding of, one or both nipples during breastfeeding. The mother with a cracked nipple can have severe nipple pain when the baby is nursing. This severe pain is a disincentive for continued breastfeeding. The crack can appear as a cut across the tip of the nipple and may extend to its the base. Cracked nipples develop after the birth of the infant and is managed with pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatment.

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In a survey in New York City, 35% of nursing mothers stopped breastfeeding after one week due to the pain of cracked nipples. Thirty percent stopped breastfeeding between weeks one and three. Another survey of breastfeeding mothers in Brazil reported that there was 25% higher risk of interruption of exclusive breastfeeding when the women had cracked nipples. Mothers with higher education levels are more likely to continue breastfeeding despite the pain of cracked nipples.

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