Corazon Salvaje (2009 telenovela) - Maria del Rosario and Juan de Dios are profoundly in love and are to be married. But Rodrigo Montes de Oca and Leonarda are able to stop the wedding, separate them and fake Juans death. From their love Juan del Diablo is born, then taken from his mom at birth and grows up away from his real family. Many years later he return where he meets Aimee and Regina, twin sisters identical on the outside but very different inside. Juan falls in love with Aimee but her treachery and ambition ends that love. Some time later destiny reunites Juan and Regina both disappointed in those they chose to love and refusing the opportunity to open up to new love.

Corazón Salvaje - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Corazón Salvaje - Corazón salvaje (1968 film) - Netflix

Corazón salvaje (“Wild at Heart”) was the second film adaptation of the Caridad Bravo Adams 1957 novel of the same name. It is considered the closest to the original story. The first film was made in 1956 and starred Martha Roth. The 1968 version starred Julio Alemán in the role of Juan del Diablo and Angélica María as Mónica Molnar - this part made her a star in China. She later repeated her role in the 1977 telenovela version.

Corazón Salvaje - Cast - Netflix

Julio Alemán as Juan del Diablo Angélica María as Mónica Molnar Teresa Velázquez as Aimée Molnar Manuel Gil Beatriz Baz Miguel Macía José Baviera Sara Guasch Sandra Chávez Rafael Llamas Antonio Bravo Consuelo Frank Carlos Agostí Eduardo MacGregor Víctor Alcocer Antonio Raxel Ramiro Orci Manuel Garay Juan Antonio Edwards Roberto Haughton

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