Committed follows two single and extremely eccentric New Yorkers who are subject to constant interference when they begin dating from their equally eccentric friends and one roommate, known only as "Dying Clown" or "Clown".

Committed - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-04

Committed - Committed step - Netflix

In enzymology, the committed step (also known as the first committed step) is an effectively irreversible enzymatic reaction that occurs at a branch point during the biosynthesis of some molecules. As the name implies, after this step, the molecules are “committed” to the pathway and will ultimately end up in the pathway's final product. The first committed step should not be confused with the rate-determining step, which is the slowest step in a reaction or pathway. However, it is sometimes the case that the first committed step is in fact the rate-determining step as well.

Committed - Regulation - Netflix

Metabolic pathways require tight regulation so that the proper compounds get produced in the proper amounts. Often, the first committed step is regulated by processes such as feedback inhibition and activation. Such regulation ensures that pathway intermediates do not accumulate, a situation that can be wasteful or even harmful to the cell.

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