A competition to find the ultimate dinner party host, Come Dine with Me South Africa will follow four people who have never previously met as they snoop around each other's homes, sample each other's cooking and pass judgment on each other's entertaining skills. Each night for a week the contestants take it in turns to cook up their idea of the perfect evening. As the guests travel home they give their verdict, and crucially, a mark out of ten. The contestant with the most points at the end of the week wins a cash prize and vouchers.

Come Dine with Me South Africa - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-12

Come Dine with Me South Africa - Indecent Obsession - Netflix

Indecent Obsession (also seen as Obsession) were an Australian pop rock band formed early in 1987 in Brisbane with founding mainstays Daryl Sims on drums and Michael Szumowski on keyboards. By 1988 the line-up also included Andrew Coyne on lead guitar and David Dixon on lead vocals. They released three studio albums, Spoken Words (November 1989) and Indio (August 1992), both reached the top 50 on the ARIA Albums Chart. In 1990 Spoken Words was repackaged for United States market as Indecent Obsession, which reached the Billboard 200. In May 1989 they issued their debut single, “Say Goodbye”, which peaked at No. 6 on the ARIA Singles Chart – their highest position in Australia. Their second single, “Tell Me Something” (September), reached No. 17 nationally. When issued in the US it peaked at No. 31 on the Billboard Hot 100. It reached No. 1 in Indonesia and Hong Kong, and Top 10 in Japan and South Africa. For the Asian market the band used the shortened name, Obsession. In 1992 they were the first Western act to tour South Africa after the lifting of the cultural isolation during the apartheid era. They were “greeted by screaming fans and scenes of mass hysteria”, both their second album, Indio, and one of its singles, “Kiss Me”, peaked at No. 1 on the relevant South African charts. By 1993 Sims and Szumowski were joined by Mark Gray on bass guitar, Richard Hennassey on lead vocals and Graham Kearns on lead guitar. The following year they issued another studio album, Relativity, before disbanding a year later.

Come Dine with Me South Africa - Subsequent careers - Netflix

David Dixon left Indecent Obsession in 1992 to pursue a career in acting, including the role of Joseph in the April 1993 Australian stage production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. A single released to coincide with this, “Joseph Mega Mix”, peaked at No. 53 on the Australian charts in June 1993. In 1994 Dixon recorded a solo single, “Faith, Love & Understanding”, which was a minor radio hit in South Africa, and peaked at No. 114 in Australia, and No. 78 in the UK. In June 1998 he acted as Marius in the Australian cast of Les Misérables, and later performed in Smokey Joe's Cafe. In addition to musical theatre, Dixon portrayed Nathan Roberts in the Australian TV soap opera, Home and Away from 1993-94. He worked on UK radio and TV as a presenter and later became a commercial helicopter pilot. He is married with children, and flew for Air Ambulance in rural New South Wales. Michael Szumowski worked as a producer for Australian all-girl groups Cherry and Bardot; Australian Idol contestants Guy Sebastian, Shannon Noll and Kate DeAraugo; and for Disco Montego and Thirstee. Daryl Sims joined Sydney-based alternative bands Vapourware, Insurge and Primary. He joined dance outfit, The Webb, in the late 1990s, and wrote Bardot's debut single “Poison”. Andrew Coyne played on US pop singer, Tommy Page's 1991 single, “Under the Rainbow”, and backed Page for his US tour in 1990–91. Mark Gray was in various groups Gank, Tania Bowra Band, Greedy's on the Loose and James Reyne Band. Richard Hennassey had moved to Sydney and worked in a graphic design and advertising agency; in 2010 he appeared on the first series of Come Dine with Me Australia.

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