Cocked is the darkly comic tale of the Paxsons, a broken family working together - and against each other - in the most quintessentially American business, the business of guns. Emotionally armed, physically armed, and in the business of arming others, the Paxsons fight to save their family gun company and their individual sanity.

Cocked - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-15

Cocked - Half-cock - Netflix

Half-cock is when the position of the hammer of a firearm is partially—but not completely—cocked. Many firearms, particularly older firearms, had a notch cut into the hammer allowing half-cock, as this position would neither allow the gun to fire nor permit the hammer-mounted firing pin to rest on a live percussion cap or cartridge. The purpose of the half-cock position has variously been used either for loading a firearm, as a safety mechanism, or for both reasons. The still commonly used English expression of “going off half-cocked” derives from the failure of the half-cock mechanism to keep the hammer from falling and the subsequent failure to prevent a firearm from firing when unintended.

Cocked - Early examples - Netflix

Early flintlocks had required a half-cock position to prime the pan, in preparation for firing the firearm, after loading the main chamber. Some other early types of revolvers, such as the Colt 1851 Navy Revolver, required the user to place the hammer at half-cock to permit rotation of the cylinder to load the firearm. On such firearms, the standard practice was not to load all 6 chambers and leave the hammer at half-cock, but, rather, to load only 5 of 6 chambers by standard safety practice, and stow the dropped hammer on an unloaded chamber. Nonetheless, some users did use the half-cock notch as a very early safety on such revolvers when all 6 chambers were loaded, often to a dangerous and unintended consequence. Likewise, some early types of repeating lever action cartridge rifles—such as the Winchester Model 94 rifle—had a half-cock position that was intended to serve as a safety mechanism, to keep the hammer away from the firing pin while holding the rifle when a round was chambered, such as when in a blind awaiting game to appear. Although the practice is less common today, the half-cock notch position on such rifles was formerly used by many hunters as a safety when carrying the loaded rifle with a round chambered while hunting. The half-cock position of the hammer did not serve a purpose while loading such firearms.

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