If you had one shot at a clean break, a chance to turn your life around, to make a fortune and secure a new life, a better life for you and your family, would you take it? And if so, just how far would you be willing to go?

One night in the office, hidden in plain sight, Sam overhears an illegal trade being made; the initial shock giving way to the realisation she has direct access to highly confidential financial information. Inside information, which could afford her the break she so desperately needs. With her life in free-fall, Sam has everything and nothing to lose. Armed only with a copy of Trading for Dummies and a gamblers nerve, this ordinary devoted and loving Mum makes a few tentative steps into the dark, dangerous and illegal world of insider trading, but just how far is she willing to go to turn her fortunes around?

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

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Clean Break - White v White - Netflix

White v White is an English family law decision by the House of Lords, and a landmark case in redistribution of finances as well as property on divorce. This case involved a couple with assets exceeding £4.5m which was deemed more than either needs for their reasonable requirements. It was held that the absence of financial need did not mean departing from a more generous settlement for an applicant in big money cases. This, therefore, enables the courts to make settlements reflecting the wealth of the parties, and not just their needs and requirements. It is clear from Lord Nicholls' leading speech that he intended much of what he said to apply to all matrimonial financial proceedings, not just big money ones. He said that in all cases, regardless of division of assets, a judge would always be well advised to check his tentative views (on distribution of assets) against the “yardstick of equality of division”. This was not to introduce a presumption of equality in all cases, but “to ensure the absence of discrimination”, for instance, between a wage earner, and a child-carer, thereby recognising the non-financial contribution of the parent caring for children.

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