Cameras almost seem ubiquitous in today's society, as this documentary series proves. And people's fascination with watching what's caught on those cameras seems to have no limit. From crimes and animal attacks to natural disasters and car accidents, this show features unexpected events all caught on camera and replayed. Rescue workers cheating death, workplace incidents from the bizarre to the life-threatening, and daredevils tempting fate -- they're all filmed and replayed for public consumption on Caught on Camera!

Caught on Camera - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2008-06-28

Caught on Camera - Alastair Stewart - Netflix

Alastair James Stewart OBE (born 22 June 1952) is an English journalist and newscaster, employed by ITN where he is a main newscaster for ITV News. Stewart joined Southern Television in 1976 then joined ITN in 1980 where he served 3 years with Channel 4 News and then went on to become a main newsreader with ITV News and still remains nearly 35 years, making him the longest serving male newsreader on British television having worked in both the local news, and the national news for 42 years. He is a patron of a number of charities including Kids for Kids – helping children in Darfur, disability charity Scope and Brooke – action for working horses and donkeys.

Caught on Camera - Early life - Netflix

Stewart was born in Gosport, Hampshire to a Scottish father from Invergarry and an English mother. Both of his parents served in the Royal Air Force. Stewart was educated in Scotland, at the state school Madras College, St. Andrews, Fife, then in England at the independent school Salesian College, Farnborough, Hampshire and at St. Augustine's Abbey School in Ramsgate, Kent, followed by the University of Bristol, where he studied economics and politics and worked for the National Union of Students from 1974–76.

Caught on Camera - References - Netflix