With exclusive access to some of the most experienced High Court enforcement bailiffs and repossession teams in the country, this series is an eye-opening insight into cash-strapped Britain from the perspectives of debtors, creditors and debt collectors. It reveals what it means to be a creditor who cannot get back what they are owed, what it is like to be saddled with debt that you are simply unable to repay and what it takes to be the kind of person who can pay but refuses to do so.

Cameras capture the daily hassle of dealing with violent confrontations, tearful debtors, downright liars and genuine cases of hardship. Then there are the debtors, many of whom have some distressing tales to tell of how they got into the situation in the first place. No one wants their possessions confiscated, after all. The result is a unique insight into one of the biggest issues facing those who cannot afford to keep paying the bills.

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-02-24

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away - 5Spike - Netflix

5Spike is a British digital television channel owned by Viacom International Media Networks Europe. Launching on 15 April 2015 on Freeview, it is a multiplex channel of Channel 5 and localized version of the American channel Spike. It primarily airs entertainment programming geared towards a male audience, including action and drama series, police documentaries, programming from its U.S. counterpart, and mixed martial arts.

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away - History - Netflix

Following Viacom's acquisition of Channel 5, it was reported that a local version of the male skewing U.S. channel Spike would be launching in the United Kingdom. These reports were confirmed in late 2014, with the channel proposed to replace Viva on Freeview. The channel is operated under the auspices of Channel 5's programming director Ben Frow; of Spike's lineup, he described the service as a “driven, high-energy channel offering a point of view and programme mix I think is different from anything else on British TV right now.” Spike launched on 15 April 2015 on Freeview channel 31, displacing 5 USA; although it was originally announced that Spike would replace Viva entirely on Freeview, Viva was instead moved to a different channel and reduced to two hours per-day to conserve bandwidth for Spike, with 5 USA taking on its previous channel allotment. Among its first programmes, the premiere of Police Interceptors Unleashed was seen by 137,000 viewers. On 31 October 2017, Spike was rebranded as 5Spike to closer associate itself with its sister channels. Coincidentally, it was announced in February of the same year that the U.S. version of the channel would rebrand as Paramount Network, dropping the Spike brand altogether.

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away - References - Netflix