The "cross-dressing romance" centers around Shizukuishi Ai, a shy, plain girl with not-so-great grades and a secret. She posted videos of her dancing in male clothes onto Smile Douga, and she became a viral hit. Ai aims to beat Hayate, the "godly" "prince of dance" on Smile Douga. However, her cross-dressing dances happened to catch the eye of an entertainment agency, so she makes her professional debut — in an idol unit with Hayate. On top of that, the two have to share quarters under the agency's rules.

Buddy Go! - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 2 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-31

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Air Buddies is a 2006 straight-to-DVD comedy film. It is the sixth film in the Air Bud series and the first in the direct-to-video spin-off series Air Buddies, which follows the life of a lonely teenager and his dog who has the uncanny ability to play every sport. This movie changes the primary focus of the series from Buddy, an adult golden retriever, to his puppies. It also radically alters the character of the series by making all of the animals speak. Air Buddies was released on December 12, 2006. This is Don Knotts' and Patrick Cranshaw's final film, released after their deaths.

Buddy Go! - Live-action actors - Netflix

Slade Pearce - Noah Sullivan, the son of Jackie and Patrick and the half brother of Josh and Andrea Framm. Holmes Osborne - Selkirk Tander, the villain of the movie. Trevor Wright - Grim, Selkirk's foolish nephew. Paul Rae - Denning Christian Pikes - Henry Patrick Cranshaw - Sheriff Bob Tyler Guerrero - Bartleby Livingston Steven Makaj - Mr. Miles Livingston Richard Karn - Dr. Patrick Sullivan, a local veterinarian, the father of Noah, the husband of Jackie, and the step father of Josh and Andrea. Patrick marries Jackie in Air Bud: Golden Receiver. Cynthia Stevenson - Jackie Framm Sullivan, the mother of Josh, Andrea, and Noah and the wife of Patrick. Prior to the events of the “Air Buddies” series her first husband was killed in a plane crash. Jane Carr - Mrs. Niggles Scout and Parker - Air Bud (because of the demanding schedule, the role was played by more than one dog)

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