What if Van Helsing did NOT kill the three brides of Dracula? What if they survived for centuries and are now living in New York City? That is the basic premise of Brides of Dracula, a hot gothic soap drama.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Brides of Dracula - Dracula Untold - Netflix

Dracula Untold is a 2014 American dark fantasy action horror film directed by Gary Shore in his feature film debut and written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Rather than using the storyline of Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula, the film creates an origin story for its title character, Count Dracula; in this version, Dracula is Vlad the Impaler. Luke Evans portrays the title character, and Sarah Gadon, Dominic Cooper, Art Parkinson, and Charles Dance appear in supporting roles. Principal photography began in Northern Ireland on August 5, 2013. Universal Pictures released the film in regular and IMAX cinemas on October 10, 2014. Despite being a box office success, grossing $217 million worldwide, Dracula Untold received negative critical reviews, with praise for Luke Evans's performance and the story, and criticism of the characterization.

Brides of Dracula - Casting - Netflix

On January 25, 2010, it was announced that Sam Worthington was in negotiations to play Vlad the Impaler and the film was set to release in 2011. On August 19, Worthington was confirmed to star in the film. On February 10, 2012, Deadline confirmed that Universal closed the deal with Worthington. On April 8, 2013, actor Luke Evans joined the cast, replacing Worthington to play the role of Vlad the Impaler, the man who would become the mythological bloodsucker Dracula. On May 2, 2013, Sarah Gadon joined the cast to star alongside Evans. On May 8 Variety announced that Dominic Cooper was in talks to join the cast. On July 11, 2013, Zach McGowan also signed on, to play the role of Shkelgim, a gypsy chief. On July 26, Samantha Barks joined the cast to play a character from Eastern European folk tales known as Baba Yaga, a beautiful young woman who transforms into a savage witch; her scenes were later cut from the film. Along with Barks more cast was added, including Charlie Cox, Ferdinand Kingsley, William Houston, and Thor Kristjansson, the latter of whom would play the role of Bright Eyes, an Eastern European taken as a slave as a young boy and now an assassin in the Ottoman Army. Art Parkinson then joined on to play the role of Ingeras, son of Dracula. On October 15, 2014, it was announced that if the film was included in a rebooted Universal Monsters universe then Charles Dance's character “Master Vampire” could appear in several Universal Monsters films, much like Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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