When a spunky young reporter from Connecticut lands her first big job in a small-town news market, an unexpected shake-up occurs. truTV's Breaking Greenville follows a group of local anchors as they compete for the top spot in the game. The character-driven docu-soap will spotlight the playful - and at times cut-throat - rivalry between two local news stations and the dynamic newscasters who are determined to take their jobs seriously, even when some of the news they cover is less than serious.

Breaking Greenville - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-29

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  • Polícia 24h (2010) (Brazil)

Police (1977)

Unsolved Mysteries (1987) America's Most Wanted (1988) COPS (1989) Missing Reward (1989) Rescue 911 (1989) On Scene: Emergency Response (1990) Top Cops (1990) American Detective (1991) Emergency Call (1991) FBI: The Untold Stories (1991) Against All Odds (1992) Code 3 (1992) Secret Service (1992) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (1993) To Serve and Protect (1993) (Canada) LAPD: Life On The Beat (1995) World's Wildest Police Videos (1998) Boot Camp (2001) American Fighter Pilot (2002) Combat Missions (2002) Dog The Bounty Hunter (2004) Commando VIP (2005) Armed and Famous (2007) Mission X (Philippines) The Academy (2007) Inside American Jail (2007) Jail (2007) DEA (2008) Police Women of Broward County (2009) Steven Seagal: Lawman (2009) Police Women of Dallas (2010) Police Women of Maricopa County (2010) Police Women of Memphis (2010) Coming Home (2011) Police Women of Cincinnati (2011)

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