Pemmican is a town in the western plains of North America near the 49th parallel (the U.S.-Canadian border at 49° north latitude). In 1880 the border was surveyed in the Pemmican area, revealing that the town straddled the border between Montana and Saskatchewan. The border also divides the local law enforcement office. In order to have proper and legal law enforcement, both North-West Mounted Police Corporal Clive Bennett (John H. Brennan) and U.S. Marshal Jack Craddock (Richard Comar) are stationed in the town. Clive was formerly stationed in Toronto. Jack is a former Texas Ranger, and a veteran of the Confederate States of America army. Each of these law officers is courting Marie Dumont (Sophie Barjac).

Marie and her physician husband were originally from Paris. Now widowed, Marie has taken over as town doctor and as proprietor of the local general store. Marie has adopted Lucy, a girl whose parents died.

Joanna Radway (Donna Carroll White) is a widow, owner of a local ranch and head of the local Women for Temperance Committee.

Zack Denny (Duncan Fraser), an American Southerner, is the proprietor of the local saloon and roadhouse. His wife, Diane, was once a Black slave.

Sally Duffield (Beverley Elliott) is proprietor of the local boarding house and an employee at Marie's general store. Wendell MacWherter (Paul Batten) is the local banker (managing a branch of the bank headquartered in Helena) and owner of the livery stable. He is also courting Sally Duffield.

Otto Danzinger is the worker of the Livery and blacksmith. Bruno Danzinger is the brother of Otto Danzinger who helps in the livery.

Willie Haddon is a local kid in town that spends much time with Marshal Craddock and has a liking for Lucy.

Bordertown - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 1995-10-04

Bordertown - Bordertown (miniseries) - Netflix

Bordertown is a 1995 Australian TV miniseries, set in 1952 in a refugee camp located in a dusty, remote Australian town called Baringa (apparently inspired by a real migrant camp near the town of Bonegilla, Victoria). The story depicts a year in the lives of the camp residents, displaced persons from World War II who are learning English and awaiting jobs and new lives in Australia. The series starred Hugo Weaving as an English teacher, and also featured Cate Blanchett in a smaller role as an albino Italian migrant.

Bordertown - Reception - Netflix

The series was somewhat controversial for its depiction of life in the migrant camps, and its ratings were not high. Commenting on the 2002 video release of the series, Video Store magazine noted the “inconsistent tone” of the episodes but thought that ultimately the viewer would become “accustomed to, and fond of, these characters and their microcosm in the middle of nowhere”. DVD Talk noted the series' “original setting and generally solid acting” but found the show only “mildly interesting.” The miniseries received the AWGIE Award for Mini-Series Original in 1996.

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