The most popular local production on Australian television, Blue Heelers is a weekly police drama based on a fictional bush town called Mount Thomas. Every week there is a different case for Sergeant Tom Croydon, Senior Constable Nick Schultz, Senior Detective PJ Hasham, and Constables Maggie Doyle, Dash McKinley and Adam Cooper to solve. Continuing storylines about the personal lives and relationships of these characters filter into each episode.

Blue Heelers - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1994-01-18

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Evan 'Jonesy' Jones is a fictional character from Blue Heelers, the Australian police drama television series which depicted the lives of police officers in a small town in Victoria. Jones was introduced in 2001 and remained until the show ended in 2006. He was portrayed by Ditch Davey.

Blue Heelers - Character History - Netflix

'Jonesy' was introduced into the show as a Probationary Constable who had joined the Police force in his late twenties in order to avenge the death of his biological father, Sam Bridges. Soon after joining the Mt. Thomas Station he became a prime suspect when Les Anderson, his biological father's former business partner and suspected killer was assaulted and left for dead, he was however later cleared of all suspicion. He was known to come from a strong Policing family having his half brother, Senior Detective Dylan Jones and adoptive father Commander Reg Jones also in the Police force. His mother was assumed to be deceased although her death is never mentioned.

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