Captured in an intimate and immersive fashion, Being Mike Tyson offers viewers a cinematic and private look at the former heavyweight champ. Unlike any portrait that has ever before been captured, Being Mike Tyson is not a look back, but instead, a look inward.

Being Mike Tyson - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-09-22

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Mike Tyson is an American former World Heavyweight boxing Champion. Tyson, ranked by ESPN as the #1 Most Outrageous Character in modern sports history has appeared in numerous popular media in either cameo appearances or as a subject of parody or satire.

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In 1987, Nintendo released Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!, on the NES, based on the arcade game Punch-Out!!, although there was later a version released in 1990 that replaced Mike Tyson with a fictional character, “Mr. Dream”, after Nintendo's license with Tyson expired. Tyson is the final opponent in the 1987 game. Defeating Tyson (through boxer Little Mac) is extremely difficult, as he can knock Mac down with a single “Dynamite Punch”, modeled after the real-life Tyson's devastating right upper-cut. In 1992, a second Nintendo game featuring Mike Tyson entitled Mike Tyson's Intergalactic Power Punch was to be released as a sequel to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!. However, due to the Desiree Washington case the project was scrapped and the game was eventually released as Power Punch II with Mike Tyson in the game being replaced with a character named Mark Tyler. A video game called Mike Tyson Boxing was released for PlayStation by Codemasters on October 23, 2000, and for Game Boy Advance by Virtucraft and Ubisoft in March 2002. Electronic Arts' Fight Night Round 4 marks the debut of Mike Tyson on the Next Gen consoles in 2009. Tyson is featured, along with Muhammad Ali, on the cover of the game. Tyson appeared at the SXSW Screenburn Arcade in March 2011 for the launch of his iPhone app Mike Tyson: Main Event. Tyson is featured as downloadable content in WWE '13 as a member of the Attitude Era." Tyson, set in two different eras, is an additional character in another Electronic Arts game, EA Sports UFC 2.

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