Pennsylvania's jack-of-all-trades, Sean Tracy, is crisscrossing America, finding the oldest, broken-down barns in the country and transforming them into dream homes. He rescues the dilapidated barns just before they're set to be demolished and either refurbishes them on the spot, or dismantles them piece by piece, carefully transporting them to his shop in Bucks County and turning the old structures into ultimate, one-of-a-kind barn homes.

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Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-11-18

Barn Hunters - Red Barn Murder - Netflix

The Red Barn Murder was a notorious murder committed in Polstead, Suffolk, England in 1827. A young woman, Maria Marten, was shot dead by her lover William Corder. The two had arranged to meet at the Red Barn, a local landmark, before eloping to Ipswich. Maria was never seen alive again and Corder fled the scene. He sent letters to Marten's family claiming that she was in good health, but her body was later discovered buried in the barn after her stepmother spoke of having dreamed about the murder. Corder was tracked down in London, where he had married and started a new life. He was brought back to Suffolk and found guilty of murder in a well-publicised trial. He was hanged at Bury St Edmunds in 1828 and a huge crowd witnessed the execution. The story provoked numerous newspaper articles, songs and plays. The village where the crime had taken place became a tourist attraction and the barn was stripped by souvenir hunters. The plays and ballads remained popular throughout the next century and continue to be performed today.

Barn Hunters - Rumours - Netflix

After the trial, doubts were raised about both the story of Ann's dreams and the fate of Corder and Marten's child. Ann was only a year older than Maria, and it was suggested that she and Corder had been having an affair and that the two had planned the murder to dispose of Maria so that it could continue without hindrance. Ann's dreams had started only a few days after Corder married Moore, and it was suggested that jealousy was the motive for revealing the body's resting place and that the dreams were a simple subterfuge. Further rumours circulated about the death of Corder and Marten's child. Both claimed that they had taken their dead child to be buried in Sudbury, but no records of this could be discovered and no trace was found of the child's burial site. In his written confession, Corder admitted that he and Marten had argued on the day of the murder over the possibility of the burial site being discovered. In 1967, Donald McCormick wrote The Red Barn Mystery, which brought out a connection between Corder and forger and serial killer Thomas Griffiths Wainewright when the former was in London. According to McCormick, Caroline Palmer, an actress who was appearing frequently in a melodrama based on the Red Barn case and had been researching the murder, concluded that Corder may have not killed Maria, but that a local gypsy woman might have been the killer. However, McCormick's research has been brought into question on other police- and crime-related stories, and this information has not been generally accepted.

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