Introducing Barely Famous: a docu-style comedy series created, executive produced by and starring actresses Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of Grammy winning Producer, David Foster. This show explores the hypocrisy of reality TV by centering around two sisters (Erin and Sara Foster) who say they would never do a reality show, but are being filmed by a camera crew.

Over the course of the season, we'll follow Erin and Sara as they navigate the treacherous LA waters of building a career, dating, and simultaneously trying to prove that they're "normal". Each episode of Barely Famous will skewer Hollywood stereotypes and comment on the world of celebrity through the eyes of two D-Listers, desperately trying to insist they don't care about "Lists" while also trying to get on the A-List. By breaking the 4th wall and occasionally telling both the crew and network to cut, no reality convention is too sacred, and our girls point out the absurdity of the medium itself.

Although Erin and Sara's quest for success is riddled with hiccups, their motives remain pure. Erin, an aspiring screenwriter, but somewhat of an acquired taste, has yet to land her big break. Her connections score her some great meetings but drinking a famous producer's iced tea during one landed her no seat in his writer's room. Her ongoing search for love has also proven tricky. Spanning the spectrum of dating an average looking guy she met at the Mac Store, to answering booty calls from an elusive actor, Erin has yet to land Mr. Right. She struggles with desperately wanting a normal marriage with 2.5 kids while being surrounded by Hollywood's Elite.

Being Barely Famous has different pitfalls for Sara, however. Born to be in front of the camera, she is determined to make a big comeback. Weaseling her way into the spotlight is no easy feat and denying that she ever gave birth is even harder for Sara. To stay relevant and score free stuff, Sara spends a lot of her time reminding normal people of her lengthy list of credits. Bachelor Party 2, D.E.B.S, and The New 90210, have inflated Sara's sense of self but haven't done much for her IMDB Star Meter – or getting her daughter into LA's most Elite Preschool either.

From awkward encounters with celebrities and scrambling to book the next big gig, to the day-to-day details of accidentally breaking up a handicapped man's marriage, this duo fumbles their way through life in a surprisingly endearing way. They may not have a spot on the A-List or even a publicist who knows their names, but at least they have each other. And who knows, with all of their charisma and wit caught on camera, they're sure to end up Famous, even if it's just Barely.

Barely Famous - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-18

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Barely Famous Hits is the fourth album by the American country music duo The Warren Brothers. It was released in 2005 via BNA Records. The album reprises songs from the duo's first three studio albums, two of which were also released on BNA. It received a rating of 3½ stars on Allmusic. Stephen Thomas Erlewine considered the songs well-written but thought that the brothers did not have a strong musical presence.

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Brad Warren- background vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar Brett Warren- lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

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