Set in the fictional town of Oakdale, this long-running serial focuses on the relationships and difficulties of its inhabitants.

As the World Turns - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1987-01-02

As the World Turns - Lucy Montgomery (As the World Turns) - Netflix

Lucy Montgomery is a fictional character in the daytime soap opera, As the World Turns.

As the World Turns - Storylines - Netflix

Two years later, Alison Stewart received text message “Can I trust you? LM”. It was from Lucy, and they soon met. She was now back in Oakdale with Johnny, who has gotten sick again and needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible. The two girls teamed up to take blood tests from every person related to Johnny, in order to find a match for the transplant. They soon discovered Katie was the perfect match, and Lucy took off to tell Katie. When she got back, Dusty was in the hotel room, having heard about her return and demanding Johnny back. However, Johnny's temperature was rising again and the three went to the hospital. Dusty found himself unable to be angry with Lucy, and he made plans with her to flee from Oakdale as soon as Johnny recovered. Unfortunately, Katie told Craig about Lucy's return with Johnny, and Craig went to the hospital where Johnny had the procedure. While Craig, at first, had forgiven Lucy for taking off two years ago, he later overheard a conversation between his daughter and Dusty, discussing their plan to flee Oakdale. Craig called Margo with the request to arrest Lucy for kidnapping. After Craig called Margo to arrest Lucy for kidnapping Dusty asked Josie to listen for any news. When the police are after Lucy, Dusty asked Lucy to go to the warehouse and stay there. Together they plan for Lucy to escape and Josie gives Margo and Craig the place where they are but they were gone. Lucy quickly went to see Johnny before she left town promising him she would come back. Dusty arranges the plane and kissed briefly before Lucy left Oakdale. Lucy returned to town February 26, 2009 to make amends with her father and Dusty and also to be there for Johnny.

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