Chris Brackett has an affliction, an incurable yearn for all things archery – an Arrow Affliction. One of the hottest young talents in the outdoor industry, Brackett brings an unprecedented skill level and an infectious enthusiasm to the range and the field as he pushes the limits of what can be hit with an arrow in his training sessions, and then applies those lessons to the pursuit of a wide variety of game.

Arrow Affliction blows the doors off conventional bowhunting television as Brackett fires thousands of arrows into targets such as aspirin, clay pigeons, ping-pong balls, pheasants, bullfrogs, trophy pronghorns and much more. Hold onto your seat as this amazing archer combines the highest levels of marksmanship and showmanship in Chris Brackett's Arrow Affliction Presented by Mossy Oak.

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Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2008-09-29

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The Flash is an American television series developed by writer-producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, and is based on the DC Comics character, the Flash. The series premiered on The CW television network in the United States on October 7, 2014. The series is a spin-off from Arrow, a show set in the same fictional universe. The first season follows police forensic investigator Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), who develops super-speed after he is struck by lightning. In his attempt to use his powers for good, he is assisted by S.T.A.R. Labs' Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), and Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Barry tries to solve the murder of his mother by a superhuman attacker (Matt Letscher). The murder investigation unjustly imprisoned his father (John Wesley Shipp), leaving detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), father of his best friend, Iris (Candice Patton), to take in the young Barry. The memory of his mother's murder and his father's framing later motivates Barry to put his personal needs aside and use his powers to fight against those who hurt the innocent, thus, shaping him into the Flash. The following is a list of characters who have appeared in the television series. Many are named after (or based on) DC Comics characters.

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Dr. Harrison Wells (portrayed by Tom Cavanagh) is the mind and money behind the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator in Central City. In season one he activates a particle accelerator that releases dark matter energy in Central City, killing several civilians and granting various individuals metahuman abilities, including Barry Allen. Nine months later, Wells is a recluse and a pariah, confined to a wheelchair. Along with Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, he helps develop Barry's powers as the Flash and mentors him in pushing his speed to the limit to come up with novel solutions to take down metahuman criminals. However, Wells has many secrets: he is faking paralysis, possesses the artificial intelligence Gideon which has information from the future, and is willing to kill to protect his protégé and cover his own tracks. Wells is revealed to be the Reverse-Flash, the mysterious speedster in a yellow suit who killed Barry's mother in 2000. It is also revealed that Eobard Thawne killed the real Harrison Wells, along with his wife Tess Morgan, and assumed his identity; he orchestrated the events that would turn Barry into the Flash for his own agenda. Eobard's plans are foiled and he is erased from existence when his ancestor Eddie Thawne commits suicide, though the Reverse-Flash's existence lingers to preserve the timeline. In season two Eobard's last will as Harrison Wells contains a recorded confession for Barry that clears Henry of all charges. In season four a time-remnant version of Eobard, who remains the under the guise of Harrison Wells, appears in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. This time remnant settled in Earth-X and governed the Nazi-ruled Earth with Dark Arrow (Oliver Queen's doppelgänger), Overgirl (Kara Danvers's doppelgänger) and Prometheus (Tommy Merlyn's doppelgänger) as a member of the New Reichsmen. Season two features the Earth-2 version of Dr. Harrison “Harry” Wells, the father of Jesse Wells. He, like Eobard, used an exploding particle accelerator to create metahumans, including the psychopathic serial killer Hunter Zolomon as the rogue speedster Zoom. Harry refused to take responsibility while making a profit by developing metahuman detector technology. But when Zoom kidnaps Jesse, Harry travels to Earth-1 to assist Barry in the fight against Zoom's metahumans and to locate Jesse. Team Flash, specifically Cisco and Joe, distrust him because of the prior betrayal by Eobard, and Harry himself is mistaken by people, unaware that Eobard's actions ruined his Earth-1 doppelgänger's name and legacy. Harry meets the Reverse-Flash's younger self, suspecting that the encounter between them is what caused Eobard's future actions towards his Earth-1 self and lead Harry to hate Thawne. Harry is extorted by Zoom into developing a device to steal the Flash's speed for Zoom in exchange for his daughter's life, a feat that even the Reverse-Flash had failed to achieve. But Harry confesses to his collaboration with Zoom and gains Barry and Cisco's help rescuing Jesse from Earth-2; Harry and Jesse then seek refuge on Earth-1. After Barry's speed is sacrificed to Zoom to save Wally West, Harry recreates a miniature particle accelerator to help Barry regain these powers. Although the accelerator explosion causes Barry to disappear, and its dark matter affects both Wally and Jesse, Harry eventually locates Barry at the Speed Force; with Cisco and Iris's help, Harry brings Barry back and Barry wakes Jesse from the coma. After Zoom's defeat, Harry and Jesse return to Earth-2 with Jay Garrick, promising to help the Flash of Earth-3 return to his own Earth. Harry returns early in season three after Jesse is revealed to have developed super-speed as a result of the accelerator, but Harry asks the team talk his daughter out of pursuing heroics. After Barry and Jesse are forced to team up, Harry becomes more supportive of it. Harry helps Joe protect Iris after they arrive on Earth-2 to hide from Savitar, but they fail to stop her kidnapping. Harry despises his Earth-19 doppelgänger, H.R. Wells, who he considers a moron, but comes to respect H.R. after learning of his sacrifice for Iris. In season four's season premiere, it is revealed that Harry was one of the scientists who helped Cisco develop a device to take Barry's place in the Speed Force. Harry visits Earth-1 again after an argument with Jesse, and helps the team fight Clifford DeVoe. Season three introduces his Earth-19 version, Harrison “H.R.” Wells. H.R. is one of several versions of Harrison Wells that finds the cryptogram sent by Harry through the multiverse and expresses interest in aiding Team Flash. Cisco determines that H.R. is not a scientist; H.R.'s scientist partner at S.T.A.R. Labs, Randolph Morgan, was the one who solved Harry's cryptogram for him. Barry suggests letting H.R. stay a few weeks and he proves his worth by helping form plans and locating super-criminals; like Harry and Eobard, H.R. is a skilled organizer, businessman, and entrepreneur. He trains Wally to be a hero and, after discovering how many criminals breached the facility, strives to transform S.T.A.R. Labs into a museum to maintain Team Flash's cover. Gypsy, an enforcer from Earth-19, arrives to retrieve H.R. on charges of crossing dimensions, but is defeated by Cisco. In the battle against Savitar, H.R. sacrifices himself by disguising himself as Iris and taking her place to be killed by Savitar. In the alternate 2024, H.R. was a successful novelist. Other versions of Wells appear in the episode “The New Rogues”: a gunslinger variant named “Hell's Wells”, a steampunk-styled scientist from Earth-17, and a French mime. During the fourth-season episode “When Harry Met Harry...”, Harry briefly creates the “Council of Wells”, which consists of the smartest versions of himself from across the multiverse: Harrison Wolfgang Wells, a German author and scientist from Earth-12; H. Lothario Wells, a billionaire and playboy from Earth-47; and Wells 2.0., a cyborg from Earth-22. Also shown is a wizard variant named “Wells the Grey”. Harrison Wells is an original character created for the series while Eobard Thawne is based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

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