In the trenches, In the heads of Soldier, Governors and through the lives of Civilians behind the line, discover one of the most devastating conflicts of humanity.

Apocalypse: World War One - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-18

Apocalypse: World War One - Apocalypse Now Redux - Netflix

Apocalypse Now Redux is a 2001 extended version of Francis Ford Coppola's epic war film Apocalypse Now, which was originally released in 1979. Coppola, along with editor/longtime collaborator Walter Murch, added 49 minutes of material that had been removed from the original film. It represents a significant re-edit of the original version.

Apocalypse: World War One - Release - Netflix

Apocalypse Now Redux originally premiered at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival in May. The screening marked the anniversary of the famous Apocalypse Now screening as a work in progress, where it ended up winning the Palme d'Or. Coppola went to the festival, also with Murch, Storaro, production designer Dean Tavoularis, producer Kim Aubry and actors Bottoms and Clément.

Apocalypse: World War One - References - Netflix