Ann Jillian was a television show on NBC. The show starred Ann Jillian as Ann McNeil, a widow who moves from New York to California with her teenage daughter. After the death of her firefighter husband, Ann McNeil and her teenage daughter, Lucy move from New York to the northern California village of Marvel, where Ann and her husband went for their honeymoon. Lucy is reluctant to her new surroundings in a new town, but she begins to adjust and makes new friends. Ann is also learning to adjust as well as she starts a new job at a gift shop run by Mrs. Hufnagel. The teens that Lucy hangs out with were Kaz, Melissa, and Robin. Kaz's well-meaning grandfather, Duke, helped Ann and Lucy in their new surroundings.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1989-11-30

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John P. Navin Jr. (born July 24, 1968) is an American film and television actor from Philadelphia. He is well known for his roles in the 1981 drama film Taps and the 1983 movie Losin' It, both of which co-starred Tom Cruise. He also starred in National Lampoon's Vacation as Cousin Dale. Navin starred in the short-lived 1983 television series Jennifer Slept Here with Ann Jillian. Navin also appeared in the pilot episode of the TV series Cheers, which starred his Losin' It costar Shelley Long. He appeared as the first (on screen) patron of the bar, and delivered the series' first line, inauspiciously presenting Sam Malone with a fake I.D. and claiming he was a Vietnam veteran. He made guest appearances on the television shows The Facts of Life, Gimme a Break!, Silver Spoons, Cheers, and Double Trouble.

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