Lucia is a young girl who is in love with Raul. Raul is also in love with her. One day Lucia starts working in the mansion of Dona Enriqueta without knowing that she is working in the house of her grandmother. In the mansion she meets Natasha and Mariela, granddaughters of Dona Enriqueta. Natasha and Mariela are good, they both become friends with Lucia. However, Lucia finds out there is a third granddaughter, Cristal, who she had a fight with in the past over crashing into her car while Lucia worked as a bus driver. Despite trying to avoid Cristal while working in the mansion, Cristal eventually discovers her and succeeds in getting her fired.

To make things worse, when Cristal meets Raul she falls in love with him. Cristal will do anything to get Raul, even kill. On the other hand, one night Lucia and Raul make love and Lucia becomes pregnant. But Cristal has offered Raul riches if he marries her and a better life for his child. When Lucia gives birth to "twins", she finds out that Cristal married Raul. Lucia is crushed, but she gets a chance to take revenge on Raul when her father Alejandro comes out of jail after 20 years. He was put in jail because of lies from Dona Enriqueta.

Dona Enriqueta always hated Alejandro because her daughter Elena was in love with him, so she stole everything that belonged to him and put him in jail. Alejandro pressures Lucia to get revenge on Cristal and Dona Enriqueta.

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 43 minutes

Premier: None

Angel Rebelde - Claudia Islas - Netflix

Elizabeth Islas Brasdefer (born on July 17, 1946 in Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico) is a Mexican telenovela actress who is better known as Claudia Islas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈklauðja ˈizlas]). She is very famous for her beauty and was called “Mexican Brigitte Bardot” in the past.

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