"Happiness and Pride are Incompatible" is the basic lesson of this story of selfishness, passion, love and deceit. It is a story about gambling with love. Ana Cristina is as beautiful as she is arrogant. She has been accustomed to having her own way with total disregard for the feelings of others.

She is about to be married to Damián when she discovers that he is unfaithful to her. Ana Cristina decides to take revenge on her fiancé and her own father, who has sided with Damián for reasons of interest. To this end, Ana Cristina ruthlessly manipulates Emiliano, a civil engineer who is newly arrived in Los Arrecifes and is immediately enamoured of her.

Ana Cristina enfolds him in her web of lies but she is about to learn that you cannot go through life crushing everyone without consequences. Through pain and tears, Ana Cristina will learn that a broken heart is not healed with remorse alone but only through the power of love and sacrifice.

Alma Rebelde - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 43 minutes

Premier: None

Alma Rebelde - Luisana Lopilato - Netflix

Luisana Lopilato (Spanish pronunciation: [lwiˈsana lopiˈlato]; born 18 May 1987) is an Argentine actress and model. She has appeared in the television series Chiquititas, Rebelde Way, Alma Pirata, Casados con Hijos and Atracción x4.

Alma Rebelde - International exposure (2010–2011) - Netflix

In 2010, Lopilato completed the Channel 13 TV series Alguien que me quiera, in which she played Bianca Rivera, a sweet and sensitive young woman who struggled and suffered much for love. In November 2010, FHM in Spain ranked her 17th on its annual list Las 100 mujeres más sexys del mundo. In late 2010, Lopilato announced that she was planning to marry the Canadian singer Michael Bublé in April 2011. Having completed the recordings of Alguien Que Me Quiera, Lopilato accompanied Bublé on his Crazy in Love tour. In 2011, Lopilato made her first film outside Argentina, the Spanish thriller Predeterminados (directed by Jordi Arencón), as “Vera”. In June 2011, FHM in Spain ranked her 11th on the "Las 100 mujeres más sexys del mundo list.

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