A League of Their Own is a British sports-based comedy panel game that was first broadcast on Sky 1 on 11 March 2010. It is hosted by Gavin and Stacey star James Corden and features Andrew Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp as team captains. John Bishop and Georgie Thompson were regular panellists for the first four series alongside two weekly guests. Jack Whitehall joined the cast as a regular panellist from the fifth series onwards.

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Type: Panel Show

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-03-11

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A League of Their Own is a British television comedy panel game created by Paul Brassey and hosted by actor and comedian James Corden. It premiered on Sky 1 on 11 March 2010. A regular episode of A League of Their Own sees two teams of three – Blue and Red – competing in a quiz about notable sports along with physical challenges; since the show's debut the captains of each team have been retired England cricketer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff (Blue) and former Liverpool captain and England midfielder Jamie Redknapp (Red). For the first four series both teams had a regular panellist alongside the captain, journalist and presenter Georgie Thompson (Blue) and comedian John Bishop (Red). As of series 5 only the Blue team has a regular panellist with comedian Jack Whitehall joining Flintoff. Special episodes have also been produced where there is no quiz instead they feature compilations of clips either from recordings that have been broadcast in a series (labelled “The Best Bits from...”), material that was not broadcast (labelled “The Unseen Bits from...”) or even from a particular challenge from an individual episode (labelled “The Best of...”). The first series consisted of twelve episodes. The second series consisted of thirteen episodes including a Christmas special. The third series had twelve episodes and saw the first occasion of a regular team captain being unable to attend an individual recording and being replaced by a guest, it also saw the introduction of splitting both “The Best Bits” and “The Unseen Bits” over two episodes therefore having four episodes of compilation clips; this technique was used on and off for future series. The fourth series consisted of ten episodes including an End of Year special. For the fifth series there were eleven episodes. The sixth series had ten episodes. The seventh series had twelve episodes including a compilation episode entitled “Rally Special” focussing solely on the rally car challenge from the series opener. The eighth series consisted of thirteen episodes. The ninth series had twelve episodes. The tenth series will see ten episodes broadcast. As of 10 March 2016, 85 regular episodes and 30 compilations have been broadcast across ten series, 115 episodes have been aired in total.

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