24 to Life follows eight unexpected individuals as they go through their final 24 hours before they are incarcerated. In each of the four, one-hour episodes, cameras document two seemingly normal people on their final day of freedom as they say their goodbyes and prepare their loved ones for the years they'll be away. The series offers a startling look at the consequences of crime and incarceration, from the devastation their sentences have wrought on their families to the aftermath their victims continue to endure. It's an emotional, unexpected look inside the machinery of the criminal justice system.

24 to Life - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-04-12

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The right to life is a moral principle based on the belief that a human being has the right to live and, in particular, should not be killed by another human being. The concept of a right to life arises in debates on issues of capital punishment, war, abortion, euthanasia, justifiable homicide, and public health care. In human history, there has not been a general acceptance of the concept of a right to life that is innate to individuals rather than granted as a privilege by those holding social and political power. The evolution of human rights as a concept took place slowly in multiple areas in many different ways, with the right to life being no exception to this trend, and the past millennium in particular has seen a large set of national and international law or legal documents (examples being the Magna Carta and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) codifying the general ideal into specifically worded principles.

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