"Студия 17" (Studio 17) is a Russian comedy TV series. The premiere of the show took place 30 of September 2013 goda on TV channel TNT. It is noteworthy that the series has a lot of well-known actors, some of whom play a role cameo, that is, appear as themselves. The creators of Eugene Nikishov and Valery Fedorosovich told that they decided to come up with a story, based on their experience. Once, as the main characters of the series, Sergei, Alexander and their friends, too, in his youth created their own studio and filmed different orders: weddings, corporate parties and so on. Many of the situations that fall main characters are based on real stories experienced once the director. When the authors of the series came up with the main characters, sought to create all kinds of temperaments, with two of the characters are prototypes of real people - old friends directors. According to themselves the actors playing the role of the protagonists Many of the heroine, playing the role of mistresses, very similar to the girls who the actors knew personally. In an interview with the Radio Echo Moskvy producer of the series, Valery F., described the series as pure sitcom. Evgeny Ostrovsky, the actor playing in the series, he said that famous actors playing bit parts, and shared with the rest of his extensive experience. Even before the premiere television channel TNT has laid out a series of commercials "fictional Studio 17", which on the one hand gained viral popularity , but also introduced the Internet -users in the mass delusion.

On March 22 2015 goda CEO channel TNT Igor Mishin, the radio station "Echo of Moscow" has officially announced that the second season of the series will not be.\

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2015-09-30

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Saint Petersburg, Russia is home to more than a hundred theatres and theatre companies. This list includes theatre companies that regularly produce plays and buildings used for theatrical performances. The first permanent professional public theatre in Russia, the “Russian Theatre for the Performance of Tragedies and Comedies” (Русский для представления трагедий и комедий театр) was established in St. Petersburg in 1756 by order of Empress Elizabeth. In 1785 the Hermitage Theatre was opened in the Hermitage palace complex. This is the oldest theatre building in St. Petersburg that has been preserved in its original form.

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