Сердца трёх - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 52 minutes

Premier: 1992-10-01

Сердца трёх - Valley of Ghosts (Crimea) - Netflix

The Valley of Ghosts (Russian: Долина привидений, Ukrainian: Долина привидів, Crimean Tatar: Hayalet vadiysi) is a valley located in the Crimea, made up of naturally shaped rocks on the Southern Demerdzhi Mountain, located near Alushta city. The stone shapes resemble statues of humans, animals, creatures from fairy tales, pyramids and various mystery objects. The characteristics and forms of the rocks are also subject to the time of day, lighting and atmospheric conditions, such as the characteristic thick fog of the region. It is a unique and natural monument of national significance. Demerdzhi is the only place in the Crimea to observe the phenomenon of “Brokkensky ghost” (Brocken spectre).

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“Stone figures”, which were formed by the weathering of rocks on the southwest slope of Demerdzhi Mountain, are called The Valley of Ghosts. It has been affected by several rock falls, notably in April 1894 and August 1966. The mountain Demerdzhi gets its mystery from the haze which changes its colors. In the Middle Ages, the mountain had the name 'Funa', which means “fuming”, because of frequent fog. The Valley of Ghosts was located on the slopes of Demerdzhi Castle and its remains have survived until now. There is a road which leads to the castle near the Valley of Ghosts . Near the village of Funa, there are the ruins of Demerdzhi Castle, dating back to 13th - 15th centuries. The castle was an outpost of the principality Theodore, where a small garrison prevented the penetration of the Genoese into Tavria. There was also a towered two-story church where a family vault is located. Geologists hypothesize that the Valley of Ghosts became unwrinkled due to centuries of influence of the sea. The sea levels rose, and the entire Crimean Peninsula turned into many small islands. Over thousands of years passed, the sea was gradually going down, washing the lowlands of high rocks and hard stones turning into a crumbly sand of the sea, gradually grinding boulders and giving them the most intricate shapes.

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