XVIII century Spain. The impoverished Earl loves street dancer, and she was his. But their union is opposed to smug and unscrupulous king of Spain! He had his eye on a beautiful young lady, and put the unfortunate Earl to jail. The days are numbered... But true love is able to overcome these obstacles and do not!

Дон Сезар де Базан - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 66 minutes

Premier: 1989-07-04

Дон Сезар де Базан - Anna Samokhina - Netflix

Anna Vladlenovna Samokhina (Russian: Анна Владленовна Самохина; 14 January 1963 – 8 February 2010) was a Russian actress. Samokhina started her film career in 1980s and quickly became popular due to high talent, beauty and charm. She is best known as the leading actress in Yuri Kara's Barons of Crime (rus. Воры в законе) is a most outgiving, brutal and controversial Soviet film, about mafia and corruption in the late USSR. At the end of the 1990s, Samokhina stopped working in cinema, focusing primarily on her private life and restaurant business. In 2008, she returned to cinema and participated in several pictures. In November 2009, Anna Samokhina was diagnosed with stomach cancer at a late stage. Until 1 February 2010, Russian press and many actors in country did not know that her illness was very serious. She died at 8 February 2010 in a hospital in Saint Petersburg.

Дон Сезар де Базан - Selected filmography - Netflix

1988: The Prisoner of Château d'If (Russian: Узник замка Иф) as Mercedes 1988: Barons of Crime (Russian: Воры в законе) as Rita 1989: Don César de Bazan (Russian: Дон Сезар де Базан) as Maritana 1990: Frenzied Bus (Russian: Взбесившийся автобус) as Tamara Fotaki 1992: Detonator (Russian: Детонатор) as She 1993: Angelica's Passion (Russian: Страсти по Анжелике) as Angelica Kudrina 1994: The Wheel of Love (Russian: Колесо любви) as Ekaterina L'vovna 1996: Train to Brooklyn (Russian: Поезд до Бруклина) as Vera 1999: Chinese Tea-Set (Russian: Китайский сервиз) as Zinaida Voloshina 1999: Streets of Broken Lights (Russian: Улицы разбитых фонарей) as Larisa 2010: In the Style of Jazz (Russian: …в стиле JAZZ) as wife of Viktor Ivanovich

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