A murder investigation takes the KGB on the trail of a criminal group, a refiner abroad valuable pieces of jewelry. A duel with an experienced and cunning criminals for security officers is a serious test...

Колье Шарлотты - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 1984-12-17

Колье Шарлотты - Vladimir Valutsky - Netflix

Vladimir Ivanovich Valutsky (Russian: Владимир Иванович Валуцкий) (25 September 1936 — 14 April 2015) was a Soviet and Russian screenwriter. Honored Artist of the Russian SFSR (1987). Between 1964 and 2013 he wrote and co-wrote 60 screenplays.

Колье Шарлотты - Early years - Netflix

Vladimir was born in Moscow, Russian SFSR into a mixed Russian-Polish family. His father Ivan Ivanovich (Janovich) Valutsky moved from Poland to Moscow at the beginning of the World War I along with his own mother Maria Ivanovna Valutskaya and his brother Stefan. He studied engineering and built aerodromes during the Great Patriotic War, then worked in Gosplan and various ministries. Vladimir's mother Galina Vasilievna Valutskaya (née Kolcheva) was a housewife. Her parents — Vasili Alexeevich Kolchev and Julietta Ivanovna Rachmanova, both from working-class families — arrived to Moscow from the Ryazan Governorate and the Tula Governorate respectively. Valutsky started practicing screenwriting during his school days as he and his friends were watching many trophy films captured during the war. In 1956 he entered VGIK to study screenwriting under Valentin Turkin. During the studies he met Alla Demidova, also a student at the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, and married her in 1961. Same year he and several other students were expelled from the institute following a grand scandal: it was revealed they had written a parody on a revolutionary drama play that featured Vladimir Lenin. Vladimir later managed to enroll back to VGIK and eventually finished it in 1964 (Yevgeny Gabrilovich's course).

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