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Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-06-10

Береговая охрана - Coast guard - Netflix

A coast guard or coastguard is a maritime security organization of a particular country. The term implies widely different responsibilities in different countries, from being a heavily armed military force with customs and security duties to being a volunteer organization tasked with search and rescue functions and lacking any law enforcement powers. However, a typical coast guard's functions are distinct from typical functions of both the navy (a pure military force) and a transportation police (a civilian law enforcement agency).

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Formed in 1915 by the merger of the Revenue Cutter Service (est. 1790) and the Lifesaving Service (est. 1848), and later absorbing other federal agencies, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is a military service, a law enforcement agency, and regulatory agency. It is one of the seven uniformed services of the United States and one of the five services of the United States Armed Forces. Its role includes enforcement of U.S. maritime law, coastal defense, search and rescue, environmental protection, and regulation of maritime industries. In terms of size, the U.S. Coast Guard by itself is the world's 12th largest naval force. During peacetime the USCG falls under the administration of the United States Department of Homeland Security (previously the U.S. Department of Transportation, 1967–2003, and the United States Department of the Treasury, 1915–1967). During wartime, the USCG may, at the direction of the President of the United States, report to the Secretary of the Navy; its resources, however, are integrated into U.S. military operations in wartime (see 14 U.S.C. §§ 3–4). As of 2017, the Coast Guard had over 42,000 men and women on active duty, 8,100 reservists, 32,000 auxiliarists, and over 7,100 full-time civilian employees. The Coast Guard maintains an extensive fleet of 243 coastal and ocean-going patrol ships, tenders, tugs and icebreakers called “Cutters”, and 1650 smaller boats, as well as an extensive aviation division consisting of 201 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. While the U.S. Coast Guard is the smallest of the U. S. military service branches, “In terms of size, the U.S. Coast Guard by itself is the world's 12th largest naval force!” USCG helicopters are equipped with hoists to rescue survivors and also play a major role in law enforcement. The helicopters are able to land and take off from USCG cutters, making them an indispensable tool in fighting illegal drug traffic and the influx of illegal immigrants. The fixed-wing aircraft are used for long range search and rescue and law enforcement patrols. A construction and repair shipyard has been maintained since 1899 in the Baltimore Harbor area at Curtis Bay, United States Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland Today's lighthouses on the American coasts are all maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard, from the previous old U.S. Lighthouse Service. The list of active light houses, lighted beacons, etc. that provide detailed information on aids to navigation with their locations and characteristic signals is currently maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard in its Light List issued each year. In addition to the USCG, several other federal, state and local agencies operate maritime police and security units with coast guard functions. Examples include the New Hampshire Marine Patrol and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations, along with state Naval Militia.

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