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Паук - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2015-10-19

Паук - History of the Russian language - Netflix

Note: in the following sections, all examples of vocabulary appear in their modern spelling.

Паук - Consonant cluster simplification - Netflix

Simplification of Common Slavic dl and tl to l: Common Slavonic mydlo “soap” > Russian: мы́ло (mylo) [ˈmɨlə] (cf.Polish mydło) Consonant clusters created by the loss of yers were sometimes simplified, but are still preserved in spelling: здра́вствуйте (zdravstujte) [ˈzdrastvujtʲe] “hello” (first v rarely pronounced; such a pronunciation might indicate that the speaker intends to give the word its archaic meaning “be healthy”) се́рдце (sérdce) [ˈsʲert͡sə] “heart” (d not pronounced; but not genitive plural серде́ц (sérdec) [sʲɪrˈdʲet͡s]) со́лнце (solnce) [ˈsont͡sə] “sun” (l not pronounced; but note adjectival со́лнечный (sólnečnyj) “solar”, diminutive со́лнышко (sólnyško) “small sun, sweetheart”, in both of which words the l is pronounced)

Паук - References - Netflix