Коммуналка - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 47 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-27

Коммуналка - Communal apartment - Netflix

Communal apartments (singular: Russian: коммуналка, коммунальная квартира, kommunalka, kommunal'naya kvartira) appeared in Tsarist Russia. The term communal apartments is a product of the Soviet epoch. The concept of communal apartments' grew in Russia and the Soviet Union as a response to a housing crisis in urban areas – authorities presented them as the product of the “new collective vision of the future.” Between two and seven families typically shared a communal apartment. Each family had its own room, which often served as a living room, dining room, and bedroom for the entire family. All the residents of the entire apartment shared the use of the hallways, kitchen (commonly known as the “communal kitchen”), bathroom and telephone (if any). The communal apartment became the predominant form of housing in the USSR for generations, and examples still exist in “the most fashionable central districts of large Russian cities”.

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