Жестокий бизнес - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 48 minutes

Premier: 2010-03-29

Жестокий бизнес - Victor Alferov - Netflix

Victor Vladimirovich Alferov (Russian: Ви́ктор Влади́мирович Алфёров, 20 September 1977) is a Russian theatrical director and actor

Жестокий бизнес - Biography - Netflix

Victor Alferov was born in Orongoy, Buryatia. In 1999 he graduated from the East Siberian State Academy of Culture and Arts (Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia) in “The artistic director of the theater group”. The graduation performance “Gypsies” (A. Pushkin) in French went on the stage of the Youth Theatre in Ulan-Ude. Production took 1st place in the Theatre Festival in the Republic of Buryatia. In the same year he moved to Moscow and entered the Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS) on directing department in workshop of Mark Zakharov. In 2004 he successfully graduated from the training with honors, produces diploma performance “Bambukopoval” at Teatr.doc. The play was presented at Sib-ALTERA 2003 festivals in Novosibirsk and “The May reading - 2003” in Yekaterinburg, as well as on tour in Saint Petersburg, Omsk and Tolyatti.

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