Запорожские казаки, Око, Грай и Тур путешествуют по странам Европы, в каждой из которых знакомятся с местным колоритом, попадают в забавные истории и играют в футбол.

Козаки. Футбол - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Ukrainian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 3 minutes

Premier: 2016-05-30

Козаки. Футбол - KyivNaukFilm - Netflix

KyivNaukFilm (Ukrainian: Київнаукфільм Kyïvnaukfil′m, sometimes translated as Kyiv Science Film) was a film studio in the former Soviet Union located in Kyiv, Ukrainian SSR, established in 1941.

Козаки. Футбол - Description - Netflix

Kyivnaukfilm, an abbreviation for “Kyiv Science Films”, was at one time the largest European studio for non-fiction films. Its main task was production of popular science films and documentaries covering a broad range of topics. In addition, it released 342 animated films, a large number of which are still popular today, such as a series about Zaporizhian Cossacks (directed by Volodymyr Dakhno), Adventures of Captain Vrungel series, Doctor Aybolit, and a version of Treasure Island (all three directed by Davyd Cherkaskyi). The studio's films received numerous awards at international and national film festivals. Film director Feliks Sobolev (Animals' Tongue, I and Others, Can Animals Think?) and studio Editor-in-Chief Yevheniy Zahdanskyi are considered to be trailblazers and figures of major influence in the documentary field in the former Soviet Union. Every year the studio released over 400 films. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Kyivnaukfilm went into decline and was renamed National Cinematheque of Ukraine.

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