The plot of the series Трасса смерти (Highway of Death) is based on real events that took place on the highway M4 ( "Dawn") in 2014. According to the plot of the series on the highway of federal significance brutal gang of road killers commit daring crimes. Acting maximum boldly, killer scatter on the section of road spikes of nails, then quenched transportation and coolly kill drivers from firearms and then disappear enigmatic. Moreover the newspapers have already called them "gang GTA» because their crimes are similar to a computer game of the same name. To investigate a series of brutal crimes investigators charge Zvonareva (role played Andrew Merzlikin) from the local police department and Melnikov (the role played Sergey Makovetskii) of the Investigative Committee for disclosure of particularly serious crimes. These detectives are completely different Stuff work and get on them first in one team is very difficult. However, they have one goal to reveal the identity of the perpetrators and prevent new crimes. Will the experienced investigators out on the trail of daring criminals and prevent new crimes? The answers to these questions viewers learn watching the entire series pictures "route of death." Production of 10-series serial formed film company «Motor Film Studio». In the director's chair crime drama sent Denis Neymand known audience for such works as "Tin", "Uppercut for Hitler," "special purpose City", and the script was written Andreem Zhitkovym ( "Saboteur 2: End of the War", "Saboteur", " Landing Forces, "" Gangs "). TV viewers in the TV series "Highway of Death" really expect a stellar cast in the film was attended by Sergey Makovetskii Andrew Merzlikin Agnes Kuznetsova, Alexander Luchinin, Artem Semakin Alexander Tyutin, Dmitriy Brauer and others. Premiere show of the series "Highway of Death" is scheduled for the channel NTV in spring 2017. So do not miss ... See our website for all the crime drama series "Highway of Death" in good quality HD.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 48 minutes

Premier: 2017-04-17

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The “GTA Gang” (Russian: банда ГТА; Banda GTA) is the nickname given to a violent gang of murderers and terrorists located near Moscow, Russia that robbed and murdered occupants of automobiles traveling on the Federal Automobile Road M-4 after stopping them using homemade caltrops. The Russian media dubbed them the “GTA gang” because of the similarity between their violent robberies and the actions of characters in the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Formed in March 2012 by Ibaydullo Subkhanov to train soldiers for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the gang was ultimately apprehended after a gunfight with police in the village of Udelnaya, near Moscow, on 6 November, 2014, during which the gang members were captured and Subkhanov was killed. The gang was responsible for seventeen murders and two serious injuries in Moscow Oblast and Kaluga Oblasts, over the course of two and a half years.

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