Zakon i Poryadok. Otdel operativnykh rassledovaniy - the Russian version of the world famous American series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. A special department investigates sex crimes. A team of specialists, consisting of two pairs of detectives, their chief and a prosecutor brilliantly reveal the most intricate and complex cases. The work on the show involves a forensic expert, who, in addition to advising in the adaptation of scenarios on technical issues, is also directly involved on the set as one of the episodic characters.

Закон и Порядок. Отдел оперативных расследований - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-03-12

Закон и Порядок. Отдел оперативных расследований - List of police television dramas - Netflix

This is a list of police television programs. Dramas involving police procedural work, and private detectives, secret agents, and the justice system have been a mainstay of broadcast television since the early days of broadcasting. Shows that are not dramatic programming are indicated (e.g. reality television, comedy or comedy-drama).

Закон и Порядок. Отдел оперативных расследований - P - Netflix

Pacific Blue (USA, 1996–2000) Painkiller Jane (USA, 2007) Palace Guard (USA, 1991) Parco P.I. (reality; USA, 2006) Paris Enquêtes Criminelles (France 2007–present) – See also: Law & Order: Criminal Intent Paul Temple (UK, 1969–1971) Perception (USA, 2012–2015) Perry Mason (USA, 1957–1966) Person of Interest (USA, 2011–2016) Peter Gunn (USA, 1958–1961) Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (UK, 1983–1986) The Plainclothesman (USA, 1949–1954) Poirot (UK, 1989 to 2013) Police (documentary; UK, 1981) Police Academy: The Series (comedy; USA, 1997–1998) Police & Thief (comedy; Singapore, 2004–2007) Police Camera Action! (reality; UK, 1994–2010) Police Interceptors (reality; UK, 2008–present) Police Rescue (Australia, 1989–1996) Police Squad! (comedy; USA, 1982) Police Story (USA, 1973–1977) Police Surgeon (Canada/USA, 1971–1974) Police Ten 7 (New Zealand, 2002–present) Police Woman (USA, 1974–1978) Police Woman of Broward County (USA, 2009) Police Woman of Maricopa County (USA, 2010) Politiet (reality; Norway, 2004 & 2009–present) The Pretender (USA, 1996–2000) Prime Suspect Series Prime Suspect 1 (UK, 1991) Prime Suspect 2 (UK, 1992) Prime Suspect 3 (UK, 1993) Prime Suspect 4 (UK, 1995) Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement (UK, 1996) Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness (UK, 2003) Prime Suspect: The Final Act (UK, 2006)

Prison Break (USA, 2005–2009) The Professionals (UK, 1977–1983) The Profiler (USA, 1996–2000) Pros & Cons (USA, 1991–1992) The Protectors (UK, 1972–1974) Psych (comedy-drama; USA, 2006–2014) Public Eye (UK, 1965–1975)

Закон и Порядок. Отдел оперативных расследований - References - Netflix