Captain Nikolay Markin makes his way to the strict regime colony somewhere in Siberia. But he never gets there, because on a halfway, he sees the prisoner Dmitry Voronkov escaping. Without any hesitation, the officer rushes to chase the escapee. Unlike the prisoner who is apparently prepared for the escape, Nikolay has no map, no food, and no weapons.

Two friends who became bitter enemies because of a woman... A runaway prisoner and an officer, who protect each other, "back to back"... A man who killed his brother for the profit... The fate will weave these people's lives into a tight knot of mystery, which will appear not to be the only one. And the person who will be able to unravel it, will have to stake his all...

Беги! - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2016-09-04

Беги! - Eva Polna - Netflix

Eva Leonidovna Polna (Russian: Ева Леонидовна Польна; born 19 May 1975 in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg) is a Russian singer, composer and songwriter. Polna was a member of the former Russian musical band Gosti iz budushchego between 1996 and 2009. In 2013, Eva Polna was most rotated musical artist from Russia and CIS. Also in 2013, Polna participated in the first season of Russian TV show Odin v odin!. A song by Vintage titled “Eva”, is dedicated to Eva Polna.

Беги! - With Gosti iz budushchego - Netflix

Беги от меня (1999) Не любовь (1999) Зима в сердце (1999) Игры (2000) Ты где то (2000) Это сильнее меня (2000) Так отважно (2001) Он чужой (2002) Метко (2002) Почему ты? (2003) Грустные сказки (2004) Лучшее в тебе (2005) Я рисую (2006) Мама гуд-бай! (2006) Реальна только музыка (2007) Я не для тебя (2008) Я твоя киска (2008)

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