"Calambur" — is the magazine of video comics consisting of several headings in each of which the heroes, and for each heading unique director's solutions are found. There is also a comedy in style of English black humour ("Cool pique"), both the first, and the only multiseries situation comedy in the world in which heroes — the Man, the Woman, the Seaman and their neighbors — the Bear and the Bee, don't say any word ("The village of fools").

Каламбур - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1996-10-12

Каламбур - Calambur - Netflix

Calambur (Russian: Каламбур, Pun) is an Ukrainian sketch comedy TV series that was first aired on October 12, 1996 on ORT (now Channel One Russia). It combines slapstick humor and stand-up elements to create what is established by its creators as “video comics”. In early 2001, with the unanimous decision of the cast and producer, Calambur was ended.

Каламбур - The Nose Dive - Netflix

The Nose Dive (Russian: Крутое пике) is a parody on American disaster films with all characters talking broken English with VHS-esque one-voice translation and occasionally breaking the fourth wall. Every episode is accompanied by CGI footage of a falling airplane (in first episodes were used fragments of Airbus A340 demo footage) and starts with a relatively long introduction and nervous air traffic controller (Sergey Gladkov) on the background: “Airliner Broiler 747 (allusion on Boeing 747) crashing above the Atlantic Ocean during 325 episodes. The crew of liner valiantly fighting to save the lives of passengers. Starring...” Resilient and courageous Commander (Yuri Stytskovsky) — always making fun of the rest of aircrew or passengers over their coming death and weak hopes and right away laughs at his own jokes on camera. He also pretends to have dementia (or actually has it) and always asks who just entered the cockpit or sometimes does any other thing except piloting the plane or trying to save the situation. Inventive and resourceful second pilot Drinkins (Aleksey Agopyan) — the main victim of Commander's tricks, he is nervous, sentimental and cowardly, trying to do something with their disaster. In the first episodes he also tried to calm down with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and knitting. Cute and imperturbable Stewardess (Tatyana Ivanova) — most of the time she enters the cockpit to complain over “problems in the passenger class”, after which she gets an advice from Commander. She sometimes sympathizes with almost crying Drinkins or plays along with Commander's jokes. Dispassionate and charming radioman Morse (Vadim Nabokov) — doesn't fit his own description: he has a facial tic and a stutter. He enters the cockpit mostly to pass a phone call, radiogram, newspaper, message from a flight mechanic or the air traffic control tower of Los Angeles or the current state of the plane. He is the second victim of Commander's jokes after Drinkins. And Incomparable Miss Murple as Miss Burple (Sergey Gladkov) — a large lady in a red dress with a big hat and heavy makeup, she is the main source of “problems in the passenger class”, but is actually seen only in the introduction and in the end of 28 episode.

Каламбур - References - Netflix